Hi! I'm Mike.

Mr. Batista if you're overly formal, but my friends call me Meesta.

I'm a Motion Graphics Director & Designer who's worked for a wide range of brands including Nike, Google, HBO, NFL as well as numerous networks. Whether working on broadcast, branding or social, I've executed from start to finish while nurturing talent, meeting timelines, and delivering on client expectations. I possess the skill to communicate with clients in a manner that is easily understandable, enabling them to grasp the concept and process effectively.


— Adobe Suite
— Figma
— Midjourney
— Semplice
— Reaction Gifs Guru
— Meme Making


— Live Action
— Photography
— Typography
— Vector Graphics


— 2D/3D Creative Direction
— Art Direction
— Project Management
— Video Editing
— AI Prompt Writing

Project Interests

I am big fan of comedy, whether it's reels, memes or Netflix shows. I'm eager to continue integrating motion design with comedy. I love working on streaming documentaries, developing show packages and being on set for post-production shoots.

Let's Work Together.

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Motion Graphics Director & Designer